Manager's Message :

We are in the midst of a revolution. The nation is basking in the glory of a new proud generation that is taking the world of storm! The entire intellectual community of
the world has woken up to the reality that India is a treasure-house of talent and intelligence. The youths of today are taking India to unparalleled heights of prosperity the only raw material essential to this great turn around is EDUCATION because knowledge is power.

All great achievements are the product of man's dreams, ambition and dedication to achieve a truly noble goal.
SRBS International senior secondary school, Nahujheel, Mathura is the crystallization of the efforts, dreams and aspirations of all the people involved in the mission to give their best to the students who desire to be equipped with the right essentials to be successful in all spheres of an exciting new world where knowledge is everything.
We felt the need of a Residential School with an international atmosphere; and that gave birth to 'SRBS' , A Day Boarding Residential school in a serene atmosphere amidst the leaders of India, At SRBS with international facilities, you will be able to achieve the goals and aspiration of your life. I welcome you to the new world of education at SRBS.

Manager - Pratap Singh